What Do Toppers Suggest You For SSC JE Paper-2 In Civil Engineering Preparation?

Smart candidates are known for preparing smart study strategies. Moreover, they do not hop from one random site to another one to download SSC JE Answer Key. They prefer to go with the official site only.

The SSC JE exam is all about testing your speed and accuracy. Here, we are going to share some helpful tips, which can help you to maintain an ideal exam strategy. Make your timetable before the SSC JE Exam Date to get more time.

Study Material –

SSC JE mains exam questions are repeated. If you put in even some effort, you will be having the best results. You need to pay attention to the previous year’s questions to have an excellent grab on the questions. Do not forget to mark the significant questions indeed. Make sure that you do not go with so many books at all. This way can make you go quite confused. Moreover, you probably become less confident if you keep doing this. It would be better if you go with only authentic books to get the best results.

  • What About The Design Subjects – You should prepare a separate notebook to keep adding all needed environment engineering-related notes. It would be better if you keep coming up with a topic regarding beam designs, columns, slabs, etc. When you keep adding important questions and their answers, it becomes quite easy to even memorize important topics indeed. It would be better if you keep accommodating all sorts of variations following one single question which could be bringing out all basic information to you. If you keep following this procedure, you are supposed to have the best results.
  • Regarding The Theoretical Questions – You must not skip this sort of question while doing practice. Previous year questions are worthy to go through and check out. It would be quite better if you keep writing all needed important points to have the best results. Toppers say that you should keep writing all important things and then do cross-check with the solved answer. Then do write them in your words all over again. Make sure that you do not make separate notes. When you keep doing the correction somewhere adjacent to that, you will get to understand in a depth manner.

Accuracy: How You Could Make It Better –

When it comes to tricky subjects such as materials and structural analysis, accuracy matters a lot indeed. What simple principle can you follow to get excellent results? You should highlight your circle on your mistakes. You may use any different color pen. You should mark the formulas you use. The best thing about making short notes is that you may revise them whenever required. It would be better to save your precious time. You will memorize all-important formulas easily and simply. You should keep this thing in mind indeed.

What To Keep In Mind While Doing Exam –

It is quite important to keep in mind to spare 5 minutes only to analyze the entire question paper. It helps you to understand the question paper in an ideal manner. Check and make your mind which 5 questions you need a topic. Talking about each of six questions, you need to contemplate in your mind how much you are sure to get e.g. 40/60, and then choose which 5 questions you are supposed to attempt.

You should kick off questions you are quite comfortable with. Your motto must be aiming to grab as much as possible you are sure about. It would be saving your precious time in the context of thinking as well as increasing your confidence. It also helps you to keep your mind firm while attempting the questions.

Toppers also suggest that you should not leave any sort of design questions or theoretical questions blank. Even if you go with a few steps or formulas, you would be partial marking.

Speed Is What You Need To Pay Attention More –

The fact cannot be ignored that speed is what you need to pay attention to. The mains exam is known for carrying a total number of 300 marks. You would be getting 2 hrs. The best thing is that speed portrays a significant role. You need to allow yourself the same time to solve the questions on paper. When you give yourself the same timeline, it becomes quite easy for you to go with the exam pattern. You need to solve these questions following the same guidelines. This way will truly help you to take your speed to the next level.

Do Analyse Which Subject Topics Are Being Repeated Every Year –

First, you need to go ahead to solve SSC JE Previous year’s paper. Make sure that you analyze all important topics which are being repeated every year. Once you get done with this one then you should go ahead with solving the previous year’s ESE conventional paper perfectly. Talking about SSC JE Mains, there would be a total number of five questions that needed to be done out of size. Each question comes up with a subpart of ¾ questions carrying 15-20 marks each one. You must not forget that you are having restricted time. Some design questions and numeric-oriented questions could take more time to solve. Therefore, practice is quite important in this exam.

The importance of a mock test cannot be ignored when it comes to SSC JET mains indeed. Candidates start doing practice quite earlier. The QCAB system was also introduced by SSC in 2019. This system made it quite easy to do within sophisticated time. Most of you might be wondering about the QCAB system, it is a sort of system UPSC uses in the ESE exam in which questions and answers are done in the same sheet.

Do Practice Following A Powerful Strategy  –

Do revise and practice the subjects going with an excellent strategy. Here, we are going to mention the powerful strategy which you may follow if you find it helpful –

  • Survey – You must remain aware of lines such as survey line, horizontal line, collimation lines, etc. Then you should cover the telescope part and vertical/horizontal angles
  • BMC – You should pay attention towards cover cement as well as concrete afterward aggregate, mortar and bricks.
  • Steel – This one is next on the list in what cover connection then tension member needs to be followed by the compression member. You should also put more attention to memorize formula and plate girder basic concept
  • RCC – Do not forget to learn about the formula assumptions and basic questions

Final Thought –

Moreover, the most important thing is that you should not underestimate your confidence at all. You should always keep your confidence intact. Going with solid preparation is important. Make sure you give your best in the context of preparation.

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